Welcome to IT-Service Center Skynet

Caution. Translated by Google translator!

Hello! You are on the official website of the Skynet project.

SkyNet project - a Service IT-Center in Tambov on the maintenance and repair of computer electronics (PCs, servers, tablets, telephones, cameras, monitors, and more).

In addition to work with the "iron" here you can get help with configuring the software (software).

Also we are engaged in the installation and maintenance of low-voltage systems:

  • SCS - structuring cable systems (telephony, power lines, computer (IT) line).
  • CCTV - closed circuit television (CCTV system) - the system allows video monitoring at the facility.
  • LAN - local area network.
  • OPS - Security and fire alarm systems.
  • ACS - access control (locks, closers, controllers, barriers, barriers, identification etc.

Please note that the Skynet project promotes the Tambov region on a system of "smart house" or "Smart Home" on the basis of their own equipment!
Our Smart Home system is different intelligence and wit. And the price is much lower than the nearest competitor (3 times cheaper and 2 times better).

  • We produce electronic equipment repair and replacement of glass on the plates. 
  • We serve 1C and other products.

Ready to take the work of any project in any way related to information technology or electronics!

For any questions please call and contact us by phone: +7 920 230 2909


SkyNet Project mission in Tambov:

" Step by step to the origins of the Universal Mind!"